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Linking an Image or Text 

To link an image or text, first decide which image/text you want to link. Go to that page, and log into the Control Panel, then click on Edit Content.

Now select the image (click on image) or text (hold left mouse button down and highlight).

For our example we will link an image

Notice the "little squares." This shows when an image is selected. 

Once the image/text is selected, click on the Insert/Edit Hyperlink button.


In the screenshot below, you will have several options depending on where you want to link your photo/text to.

Left Options

  • Page on site - Link to another page on your website. (You can pick the page in the main window.)
  • Web location - Link to another website on the internet. (Must fill in the URL Box)
  • Place in this document - Link to a specific word or phrase on the current web page.
  • eMail address - Link to an eMail address. When your visitor clicks, it will open in their mail)
  • Images - When your visitor clicks, they will open the picture you upload from YOUR computer.
  • Image Bank -  When your visitor clicks, they will open the picture you upload from the IMAGE BANK.
  • Documents - Links to a document on you have uploaded from your computer. (ex : .pdf, .tif, pps etc...)
  • Media - Links to a media file you have uploaded from your computer. (ex : .mpg, .wma, .wav etc...)

Bottom Options

  • URL - Type the website you want to link to. ( )
  • Open in - You can pick how the link opens when your visitors click it.

To sum it up:

  • Pick the link option on the left
  • Then
    • Pick your option in the Main Window
    • Or fill in the URL Box if your linking to another Web Location



Last, click Insert.

Your picture/text, that you had selected first, should now be a clickable link.

Don't forget to save your work