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Edit Special Pages 

Edit Special Pages are just like any other page except, they also have a special feature. When you want to create/modify one of these pages, just go to the page you want to modify and then log in. Next click on the Edit Special Button and you will be able to modify the "Tool" that is on that page.

Log into the Site Builder and click on Edit Menu. You will see a drop down menu that will allow you to choose the page type for each page. Just find the page in the left column that you want to change, then click on the drop down box and select the type of page you would like.

Remember that not all pages in the drop down box are "Special Edit Pages."

Here is a complete list of the pages that are considered "Special Edit Pages"

  • About Us 
  • Calendar
  • Contact Us
  • Coupon
  • Files
  • Forms Page (Advanced)
  • Forms Page (Basic)
  • Guest Book
  • Hours of Operation 
  • Multi-Gadget
  • News (Regular News, NOT the Thrifty World News) 
  • Photo Album
  • Redirect
  • Spread the Word
  • Survey
  • Thrift Shop Widget

You can also use the Edit Content Button and edit these pages just like the normal pages. The content you put in here will show, as well as the Special Tool that is on the page.